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  • Primers -- What You Need to Know

    Technical Info about Rifle Primers

  • Fed ITAR Registration for Gunsmiths

    Costly New ITAR Registration Policy

  • Clean Your Brass -- 4 Videos Show How

    Cartridge Brass Cleaning Videos

  • How to Use Press-Mounted Bullet Pullers

    Collet Bullet-Pullers from RCBS and Hornady

  • Run AR Magazines in Rem 700 Bolt Gun

    DBM for Bolt Guns Uses AR Mags

  • Lefty AR Upper -- Not Just for Southpaws

    Side-Charging AR15 Match Upper

  • 2500-Yard Shooting With The .338 Allen

    How does this .338 Stack Up Against Others?

  • How to Clean Rimfire Rifle Barrels

    Smallbore barrel cleaning tips from ELEY

  • Review: SCATT MX-02 for High Power

    SCATT MX-02 Training Shot Tracker

  • Video Shows How to Clean AR Rifles

    How to field-strip, clean, and maintain ARs

  • Temp Strips Monitor Barrel Heat

    Beat the heat with Temp Strips

  • Build Your Own Bench -- Free Plans

    14 Free Shooting Bench Plans

  • .338 Lapua Mag Catastrophic Kaboom

    .338 LM Kaboom Caused by Cleaning Rod

  • CMP Opens Custom Shop for USGI Rifles

    CMP Opens New Custom Shop in Anniston

  • Digital Scales: GemPro 500, AY123, Sartorius GD503

    Electronic Balances Tested

  • 21st Century Stainless Primer Seating Tool

    High-Quality Precision Priming Tool

  • Barrel Longevity and Cost Per Shot

    Cost Per Shot as Function of Barrel Life

  • Lee Classic Cast Iron Breech-Lock Press

    Breech Lock Allows Rapid Die Changes

  • Laser-Guided Bullet from Sandia Labs

    Fin-Stabilized Laser-Guided Bullet

  • Bullet Database with 3900+ Projectiles

    Bullet Dimensions, Weights, and BCs

  • Giraud Vertical-Feed Bulk Annealer

    Hi-Cap Annealer has auto case-feed

  • Jewell Trigger Users' Manual

    Factory Trigger Information

  • Sartorius Magnetic Scale Is Fast, Precise

    GD503 Scale Weighs Single Kernels

  • X-Ray Spectrometry of Cartridge Brass

    Cartridge Brass Analyzed by X-Ray Machine

  • GemPro 250 Digital Scale Review

    New $166.00 Scale Is Very Precise

  • Gear Review: "World's Finest Trimmer"

    New $70 Power Case-Trimming Unit

  • Barrel Block on Savage-Action F-TR Rig

    Savage F-TR Fitted with Barrel Block

  • 6mmBR Loading for Newbies

    Basic Tips for Accurate 6BR Reloads

  • "Overbore" Cartridges Defined by Formula

    Overbore Formula Allows Cartridge Ranking

  • Ordering a Custom Rifle -- Metal Work

    Checklists for a Custom Rifle Build

  • Neck-Turning Lathe from 21st Century

    New Lathe Turns Cases Fast and Precisely

  • Tangent, Secant, Hybrid Ogive Bullets

    Tangent and Secant Bullet Shapes Defined

  • Multi-Purpose .308 Win Eliseo Tubegun

    DIY Tubegun Proves Versatile and Accurate

  • Titanium Actions from X-Treme Shooting

    Titanium Actions Are Much Lighter Than Steel

  • Dual-Speed Omega Powder Trickler

    Good Reach, Height and Speed Control

  • Bolt Maintenance Methods & Materials

    Clean and Lube Your Bolt Correctly

  • Brass Cleaning with Stainless Media

    STM Cleaning System Review

  • How Cartridge Brass is Made

    Draw Process & Extrusion Explained

  • Speed Up Your RCBS ChargeMaster

    Smart Tips for Better Digital Dispensing

  • Startling Facts About Barrel Life

    Typical Barrel Life is 6-10 seconds of Shot Time

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