Shooting Skills


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  • IBS 2019 100m/200m Score Nationals

    IBS 2018 Score Metric Score Nationals

  • IBS: 1000 Yards at Deep Creek, Montana

    IBS Match Report from Montana

  • 3-Position Shooting Tips from Emmons

    Emmons Demonstrates Shooting Positions

  • Wounded Warrior Goes Distinguished

    Disabled Vet Earns Distinguished Rifleman Badge

  • Videos Show the Science of Shooting

    NRA Video Series about Shooting Science

  • Review: SCATT MX-02 Electronic Trainer

    MX-02 Dry-Fire and Live-Fire Trainer

  • F-TR Nat'l Champ Derek Rodgers Interview

    2013 USA F-TR Champion Derek Rodgers

  • Long Range Shooting at 2300 Yards

    Video with Target-Cam Shows Hits at 1.3 Miles

  • SCATT Aim-Tracking IR Training System

    SCATT IR Sensor System Aids Training

  • Airgun Shooting Indoors at 新万博彩票

    新万博彩票网址 for Airgun Shooting at 新万博彩票

  • 2011 NRA Tournament Operations Guide

    Web-based 56-page Guide to Running Matches

  • Configuring the Eliseo Tubegun Stock

    How to Set-up Eliseo Tubeguns

  • A Dozen Range-Kit Extra Essentials

    Twelve Key Items to Pack for the Range

  • Tubb 2000 in 6XC

    T2K Features, Stock Adjustments Explained

  • High-Tech German Shooting Range

    Schiess Zentrum -- German State-of-the-Art

  • Whidden Shares Championship Secrets

    .243 Win Tuning, Barrel Selection Advice

  • Reactive Targets

    All Types of Reactive Targets in Review

  • SUPER SHOOT -- Pantheon of PPCs

    Top Shooters Share Winning Methods

  • Bugholes from Bipod

    Tips on bipod tactical shooting, plus reloading

  • Field Target Competition

    Gear, Rules, and Positions for Field Target

  • Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle DVD Set

    Best Rifle Training DVD for Multi-Gun Game

  • Test Skills in Rimfire ‘Sniper’ Matches

    Czech Fun Match Scenarios and Targets

  • Horizontal Wind-Drift vs. Distance

    Drift Increases with Square of Distance

  • Canting Effect on Point of Impact

    Keep Consistent Rifle Cant for Best Accuracy

  • Robotic Targets for Live-Fire Training

    Armored Autonomous Segway Target-Bots

  • CMP Rimfire Sporter Shooting

    Rimfire Sporter Gear, Rules, Course of Fire

  • Rimfire Tactical Precision Match

    Affordable Fun Comps at 50-200m

  • Optimize Your Rifle Position on Rests

    How to Best Balance Gun on Rests

  • Reading the Wind When Hunting

    Nature Signs Reveal Wind (Video)

  • Summer Youth Shooting Programs

    Supervised Jr. Shooting Camps in USA

  • Open Range Day for Disabled Shooters

    AZ Program Empowers Disabled Persons

  • Dennis DeMille's High Power Tips

    Natural Point of Aim, Dry Firing, Sights

  • Targets for Download and Printing

    FREE Targets for Fun & Competition

  • Standing Position Shooting Technique

    USAMU Tips on Standing Position

  • How to Succeed at Club Matches

    Six Tips for Winning at Local Fun Matches

  • Cures for Vertical Stringing

    Gun Set-Up, Tuning, Loading Tips by Speedy

  • Simple 4-Shot Sight-In Method

    Fast, Easy Sight-In Method

  • Academy of Accuracy

    SoCal Benchrest School Lessons

  • Reading the Wind — USAMU Tips

    Tips for Highpower, Service Rifle, & Long Range

  • Reading Mirage in Competition

    Gale McMillan Explains How to Read Mirage

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