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  • A Pair of Aces -- Greg's Twin 30BRs

    30 BR Pair for Score Matches Down Under

  • 6-6.5x47 Lapua Varmint Hunter

  • Super Savage Striker Pistol in 6mm BR

    Savage Striker 6BR Handgun

  • .284 Win Black Beauty from Bob Green

    F-Open .284 with McMillan Stock

  • True Brit -- Flash F-Class Rig from the UK

    7mm-270 WSM Hydro-Dipped F-Open Rig

  • Heavy Artillery: .375 CheyTac for 2 Miles

    High-Tech CheyTac for Ultra Long Range

  • 7mm Wildcat Based on 6.5x47 Lapua Case

    7x47 Lapua Cartridge Field-Test

  • Amazing Breech Block .50 BMG Rifle

    Breech-block .50 BMG Target Rifle

  • Hammerhead Double-Duty Bench Gun

    Convertible Rig Shoots Short- and Long-Range

  • Euro-Champion F-TR Rig by Bottomley

    .308 F-TR 2011 Champion Rifle

  • Tennessee Triple -- VolDoc's Varminters

    1000-Yard Prairie Dog Safari

  • The Bear's 6mm Super LR Varminter

    Varminter Runs Long-Neck .243 Win Wildcat

  • Multi-Purpose .308 Win Eliseo Tubegun

    DIY Tubegun Proves Versatile and Accurate

  • Harvey's Hot Rod Anschütz BR-50

    Tuning and Tweaking Transforms BR-50

  • Nielson's 6.5x47 Nationals Winner

    6.5x47 Lapua for the 600-Yard Game

  • Friedrich's Record-Setting Rimfires

    Rimfire Benchrest Tuning Tips and Strategies

  • Davidson's Amazing "Tinker-Toy" 30BR

    Bold Innovation was Shelley's Legacy

  • Euro F-Classer: the "BAT Mobile"

    DeKort's 6.5-284 MasterClass Beauty

  • .22LR Rimfire Ammo Comparison Test

    Amazing test of 55 types of Ammo

  • 6.5 "Mystic" Barrel Block F-Classer

    Stevens Action in Radical Barrel-Block Rig

  • Eliseo R5 6mmBR Repeater

    TubeGun Designer Explains R5 Features

  • Beginski's New 6mm-6.5x47 Lapua

    Velocity Tests 6BR, 6BRX, 6-6.5x47 Lapua

  • Darrell Jones 6.5x47 Lapua

    Developing Loads for the new 6.5x47 Lapua

  • Vince's 7mm WSM Record-Breaker

    UK 1000-Yard Record-Holder in 7 WSM

  • Baney's 6BR "Lil' Big Gun"

    Baney Reveals his 6BR's Winning Secrets

  • Terje’s TRGs — Norsk Tactical Hunters

    Field Review of SAKO TRG-22 and TRG-42

  • Grendel-Based 6mmAR for AR15s

    6-6.5 Grendel Chambering for ARs

  • 22 PPC for Prone Competition

    Salazar's Mean, Green 300m Machine

  • Harvey's Record-Setting 600yd 6BR

    BAT-action Leonard Stock Record-Breaker

  • Twin Millenniums for Two Brothers

    A Brother's Gift of Accuracy -- Great Story

  • 7mm WSM -- High-Country Hunter

    Long-Range Hunting in Wyoming

  • The F-Class Winning Formula

    Must-Read Article for F-Class Competitors

  • Beckmann's 6 BRX

    Super-Accurate 6BRX F-Class Rig

  • Warren's 4200 FPS ".20 Practical"

    20 Practical loads plus .22 Cal Conversions

  • 600-Yard Record-Setting 6 BRDX

    BRDX is 6BR Imp with longer neck than BRX

  • Whidden's Winning .308 Palma Rifle

    LR Nat'l Champ's Winning .308 Win Rifle

  • David's Drop-Port 6BR Viper

    Benchrest Rig with Gravity Case Eject

  • Big Boomers--1000-Yard Heavy Guns

    Heavy Gun Hardware and Competition Basics

  • Prone Guns for 300m and Beyond

    G. Salazar + S. Parker Talk Prone Shooting

  • EDM Encore 6BR Varminter

    Encore Enhanced with Custom EDM'd Barrel

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