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Gun Gear, Tools, and Shooting Accessories

Many of these items are used and recommended by testers. Where our testers have used the product and confirmed that it works well, you'll see a "Field Tested - Good Gear" marker. For other products, not hands-on-tested, we've provided a summary of features. We do NOT sell these products, so we're not making money off this stuff. It's part of our mission to show you products that work well, and are a good value for the money. Prices listed are typical "street price" for the product (at the time of the review) as charged by national vendors. Prices are subject to change!

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  • Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 PM II SFP Review

    S&B 5-25x56 PMII Scope Review

  • Magpul Hunter Stock- only $259.95

  • Run AR Magazines in Rem 700 Bolt Gun

    DBM for Bolt Guns Uses AR Mags

  • Lefty AR Upper -- Not Just for Southpaws

    Side-Charging AR15 Match Upper

  • 17HMR Semi-Auto: The New Savage A17

    17HMR Semi-Auto Savage A17

  • Combo LRF, Spotting Scope, and Wind Meter

    Combination Spotter, Range Finder, Kestrel

  • How Do Suppressors Affect Accuracy?

    Surprising Results of Field Tests

  • Review: SCATT MX-02 Electronic Trainer

    MX-02 Dry-Fire and Live-Fire Trainer

  • Digital Scales: GemPro 500, AY123, Sartorius GD503

    Electronic Balances Tested

  • EVO F-TR Bipod from Third Eye Tactical

    Light, easily-adjusted, well-designed bipod

  • Whidden Gunworks Sizing & Seating Dies

    Whidden Dies Make Straight, Accurate Ammo

  • 21st Century Stainless Primer Seating Tool

    High-Quality Precision Priming Tool

  • Nightforce 15-55x52mm Competition Scope

    ED Glass, 60 MOA Elevation, Lighter Weight

  • SEB MAX Coaxial Front Rest — Field Test

    600-Yd Champ Test-Drives New SEB MAX

  • Sure Feed Vertical-Feed Ammo Caddies

    Custom Single- and Twin-Stack Ammo Holders

  • Lee Classic Cast Iron Breech-Lock Press

    Breech Lock Allows Rapid Die Changes

  • Radical F-TR Stock with Integral Bipod

    Futuristic Skeleton Design F-TR Stock + Bipod

  • New Wheel-Drive Concentricity Gauge

    Wheel-Drive Gives Fast, Accurate Readings

  • New Benchrest Rig from Argentina

    Argentine 3-lug BR Action and Carbon Stock

  • AR15 .177 Air Rifle Conversion Upper

    .177 Air Rifle Upper for AR15

  • ZCORR Vapor Barrier Gun Storage Bags

    ZCORR No-Rust Storage Bags

  • Bloop Tubes from Norm Houle

    Hi-Quality Houle Bloop Tubes

  • Giraud Vertical-Feed Bulk Annealer

    Hi-Cap Annealer has auto case-feed

  • Sartorius Magnetic Scale Is Fast, Precise

    GD503 Scale Weighs Single Kernels

  • GemPro 250 Digital Scale Review

    New $166.00 Scale Is Very Precise

  • LED Lamp Kit for Shooting Chronys

    LED Lamps Improve Chronograph Reliability

  • Gear Review: "World's Finest Trimmer"

    New $70 Power Case-Trimming Unit

  • Steiner 8x30 Military/Marine Binoculars

    Rugged, Fast-Focusing Steiner is Best Buy

  • Buying and Selling in Forum Classifieds

    Important Advice for Buyers and Sellers

  • In-Chamber Laser Bore-Sighters

    Bore-Sighters Useful for Semi-Autos

  • Randolph Machine Belt-Drive Front Rest

    Belt-Drive for fast, smooth elevation control

  • Neck-Turning Lathe from 21st Century

    New Lathe Turns Cases Fast and Precisely

  • Pappas Airgun and Rimfire Deluxe Rest

    Custom Polished Aluminum Rest for Airguns

  • Leight NRR 25 Banded Ear Protection

    Quiet Band is comfortable alternative to Muffs

  • New Ruger .308 Win Gunsite Scout Rifle

    M77-derived Mag-Fed Rifle with Forward Rail

  • Dual-Speed Omega Powder Trickler

    Good Reach, Height and Speed Control

  • Speed Up Your RCBS ChargeMaster

    Smart Tips for Better Digital Dispensing

  • RCBS Hand-Priming Tool (Universal)

    Affordable, Reliable Tool Fits All Cases

  • T.K. Nollan’s Barrel Saver Rod Guide

    Premium Guide Rod Prevents Bore Damage

  • Front Sleds Stabilize Sporters and ARs

    Flat Sleds for ARs and Sport Rifles

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